Article processing charges (APCs)

As of September 1, 2023, BJ-BABS will apply an article processing charge (APC) to help cover the production costs associated with publishing accepted manuscripts. This APC policy will apply to all new manuscript submissions received after September 1, 2023. Manuscripts submitted prior to this date will not be subject to an APC.

For manuscripts submitted on or after September 1, 2023 that are accepted for publication, the following APC rates will apply:

  • For corresponding authors affiliated with institutions in Iraq: 100,000 IQD
  • For corresponding authors affiliated with institutions outside of Iraq: No charge
  • For invited articles (such as editorials) and letters to the editor: No charge

Discounts and waivers:

  • Top Reviewers: Reviewers of 5 or more high-quality manuscript reviews for the journal in a calendar year, with the majority rated Excellent, will be eligible for a full waiver of the APC for one accepted article in the following year where they are the corresponding author.
  • Low Income Countries: For corresponding authors residing in countries classified by the World Bank as low income economies, a full waiver of the APC will be granted. See the World Bank list to confirm eligibility.
  • Postgraduate Students: A 50% waiver of the applicable APC can be requested by postgraduate students who are listed as the corresponding author on an accepted manuscript. Proof of current student status will be required.

Additional waiver requests based on undue financial hardship may be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief ([email protected]) for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

All requests for APC waivers or discounts should be made at the manuscript submission stage. Approval of waivers is subject to the Editor-in-Chief's discretion. Authors approved for waivers will be exempt from all or part of the APC if their submission is accepted for publication.