Other policies

8. Other policies

8.1 Social media and press releases

BJ-BABS recognizes the role of social media in increasing the visibility and impact of published work. We encourage authors to share their research findings in a responsible and ethical manner following publication. However, to maintain the integrity of the peer-review process, we ask that authors not share their work on social media or other platforms prior to publication. Press releases related to articles published in BJ-BABS should be coordinated with our editorial office.

8.2 Continuity

In the event of changes to the journal or publisher, BJ-BABS will strive to ensure that the publication process is not disrupted. We will take steps to ensure that all published articles remain permanently available online and that all manuscripts under review are handled appropriately. Should the journal cease publication for any reason, BJ-BABS commits to archiving all published issues and making them available to readers in perpetuity.

8.2 Revenue and commercial considerations

Our primary mission is to serve the academic community by providing a platform for rigorous and unbiased scientific research. While we are principally funded through institutional support from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq), as well as from subscriptions, orders for print versions, and Article Processing Charges (APCs), we do also accept appropriate and relevant advertising as an additional source of funding.

All advertising is subject to approval by the journal, and must be congruent with the academic and ethical standards of BJ-BABS. Advertisers must ensure that their content is clearly distinguishable from editorial content and should not suggest endorsement by BJ-BABS or its staff. Our acceptance of advertising does not compromise our commitment to maintaining our independence and avoiding potential conflicts of interest. Please note that all decisions related to the content and editorial management of the journal are made independently of our funding sources. Our primary focus remains the quality and integrity of the research we publish.

By allowing advertisements, BJ-BABS aims to facilitate the exchange of information about relevant scientific products, services, and opportunities to our readership, while contributing to the financial sustainability of the journal. We are dedicated to balancing these commercial activities in a way that maintains the trust of our readers and the academic community at large.

To send advertising applications, the Journal Manager should be contacted via email ([email protected]).